Impact Report 2021

Students, parents and educators have faced immense challenges over the past year. At Up Learn, we’ve supported over 8000 students and over 150 schools along the way.

Last week, we released our very first Impact Report. We’re thrilled to see that our work has had a significant and positive impact, particularly during a challenging year. Read on to see some of the highlights.  

Boosting attainment

Over the past 2 years where exams were held, 97% of students who completed an Up Learn course achieved A*-A. Even when students didn’t complete the course, they still saw significant improvements with Up Learn. 

On average, students who don’t complete Up Learn courses still see a 1-grade increase. In 2019-2020, 60% of Up Learn students who only partially completed a course achieved A*-A grades, 2.2x the national average. (Source)

Closing the attainment gap

In partnership with The Sutton Trust, IntoUniversity, Crowd Scholar and Slipstream Education, we provide an Up Learn scholarship (free access to an Up Learn course) to any student on Free School Meals.  

To date, we’ve given out nearly 10,000 Up Learn scholarships. From 2017, 95% of our scholarship students secured university places, with 72% gaining entry into a ‘high tariff’ university’. 

This is far higher than the national average. Since 2006, the rate of entry into Higher Education amongst students on Free School Meals (FSM) has never been higher than 20% each year. In 2020, only 3.9% of FSM students in England gained entry into a ‘higher tariff university’ (i.e. Russell Group or Oxbridge). This was 3x less than the rate amongst non-FSM students. (Source)

Read the full report for a closer look at the data and in-depth case studies

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