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Up Learn Announces Transformative Three-Year Partnership with The Harris Federation

Up Learn, the fastest growing personalised learning solution for students and educators, announces a groundbreaking three-year partnership with The Harris Federation. The Harris Federation, a distinguished Multi Academy Trust (MAT) with 28 sixth forms in greater London, is known for its commitment to providing high-quality education. This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone in The…

Supporting KS5 Independent learning at Sutton High School

Sutton High School is an independent girls’ school based in the heart of Sutton, Surrey. As a member of the Girl’s Day School Trust, Sutton High School champions the building of independence and resilience in its students. A driving ethos behind the school is the personalisation of learning: focusing on the needs of each individual,…

Course Launch: AQA Biology Exam Pack

After much demand, we’re very happy to announce the launch of our new Biology exam pack (AQA). This pack is designed to give students everything they need to feel confident in their exams, including recall practice, exam technique help and exam practice questions. The pack is now available for students to get started on, with…

AQA A Level Chemistry course launch

Course Launch: OCR A Level Chemistry (Year 13)

Our Year 13 content for our OCR A Level Chemistry course is now live, and ready for students to get started on. All year 12 content is complete, and all year 13 content will be complete by December 2021. This includes papers 1-3 as well as practicals. Our money-back guarantee will apply to 2022 exams….