LEARNING HACK #3: Can gaming ever be a good addiction?

This post is part of a series challenging our assumptions about learning techniques. We’re giving you up to date information from current research into learning to help you learn effectively. Check out the first and second posts in this series and read the most recent one below.

Gaming is an addiction that has a negative impact on learning.


Wait, what? But my parents are always telling me to get off my computer, stop playing mindless games and do my homework!

While playing hours upon hours of FIFA isn’t going to get you an A*, the ideas behind gaming – like point scoring, competing with others and rewards – genuinely make it more fun and therefore increase the likelihood of us coming back for more learning and successfully improving our grade.

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If you can implement gaming into the way you study, or use tools that have this built in, you might find yourself getting addicted to learning! That’s an addiction with a side-effect of better grades… Count me in.

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