This Up Learn course covers all topics in the A Level Physics syllabus. Our students study through online video lessons that they can take anytime, anywhere and work through at their own pace. Once they’ve mastered the content, students test their knowledge with practice exam papers written exclusively for Up Learn. Instructed by world-class educators, they also have 24/7 access to our online tutors (Oxbridge/Imperial/LSE backgrounds) via live chat.

Our AI tracks how a student is performing in real-time, and alters their learning schedule to get them performing at an A/A* level across the board before their exams. 97% of our students go on to achieve A and A* grades, so we’re confident that our system works. In fact, we’re so confident that we guarantee all our students an A/A* grade or their money back.

Our OCR A Physics course covers 100% of the specification for OCR A Physics A Level, centred around the following topics:

Development of practical skills in physics
Foundations in physics
Forces and motion
Electrons, waves and photons
Newtonian world and astrophysics
Particles and medical physics

Each section features thousands of video lessons and interactive quizzes, and our AI technology will track your progress.

Once you’ve mastered the content, you’ll also have access to tons of resources including exam tips and assessment guides to prepare you for the required practical work. When you’re ready, there’s over 10 practice papers created exclusively for Up Learn by an official A Level examiner to prepare you for the real exam.

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Started the Physics course getting C’s and D’s. Up Learn helped me understand the content, and I could talk to their tutors who helped me too. I ended up with an A and couldn’t have done it without Up Learn!





A Level Psychology testimonial - Harry

I was really struggling during my AS Physics exams. In Year 13 my friend recommended Up Learn. I’ve gone from an E/D to an A! They even gave me a scholarship because I’m on free school dinners.





I’ve encouraged OCR to endorse you just as they do textbooks. The main concern for teachers is how to get students to do independent revision without filling the space for them. Your site is the perfect answer.




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Up Learn’s courses are efficient and effective if students commit to the course. It’s a bit like having a personal trainer – paying for one won’t instantly give you abs, but it will make it quicker and easier to get them.
Up Learn ensures that you’re getting the maximum impact for the time and effort you put into study. 97% of our students who complete their course achieve an A or A*, so we can guarantee you a top result (or your money back). No personal trainer can promise that level of results.
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With a growth mindset, you’ll be able to achieve an A*/A grade regardless of your current ability level.
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You can complete an Up Learn course in 4-12 weeks if you start late, although starting earlier is advised. We recommend that students complete their course to understand the material thoroughly. If this isn’t doable, you can run through the video lessons on topics you’re not as strong in and focus on exam prep by taking our practice papers. You’ll also have support from tutors 24/7 via live chat.
Completing the course means achieving a 90% Up Intelligence score. We calculate your score based on how many lessons you complete and your results in tests and quizzes.
This depends on the subject and how comfortable you are with the material. An Up Learn course typically takes around 80 hours to complete. You might spend up to 160 hours on the course if you want or need to revisit the material.
Hundreds of thousands of pounds go into developing Up Learn’s content and technology. We develop each course with a team of world-class teachers, tutors, illustrators, animators and engineers. We deliver the content with the use of science and technology to help students reach the top grades.
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