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Over the last 2 years, 97% of the students who completed Up Learn achieved A*-A.
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Up Learn adapts to you

Our algorithm identifies your weak spots and focuses on those, until you’re achieving A* across every topic. Up Learn continuously evaluates your abilities, intelligently identifying what to study next.


Interactive video lessons

Instructed by our world-class teachers to help you understand, retain and apply the material for your exam board. Videos have questions built-in, simulating a real life lesson with a personal tutor.


Thousands of learning resources

Packed with exam technique lessons, model answers, progress quizzes and practice exam papers – all for your exam board. We know what it takes to get A* results, and give you the resources to get there.


Optimised learning plan

Up Learn creates a unique plan based on how long until your exam and how well you know topics of your subject. Whether it’s improving your understanding, practising exam questions or memorising definitions, Up Learn calculates the best use of your time.


Live on-demand tutoring

Up Tutors are available 24/7 to answer any questions you have about your subject.


Accelerated with neuroscience

We’ve applied complex cognitive science to learning A Levels. The result? You learn more, in less time. Our use of active retrieval practice and spaced repetition embed material straight into your long-term memory.


Upgrade your memory

Definitions to remember? Formulae to recall? Learn the techniques World Memory Champions use to rapidly memorise information with 100% accuracy. Then, use Up Learn to apply it to your subject.


World class teachers

Our teachers have thousands of hours of teaching experience under their belts. Up Learn teachers work with neuroscience researchers, producing some of the most effective study resources in the world.


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