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Up Master Popular

  • Full access to all content and features
  • All-in-one solution for A*/A results, from any prior level
  • A*/A guaranteed, or your money back - find out more
  • Unlimited one-to-one 24/7 tutor support from Oxford/Cambridge/LSE/Imperial Up Tutors
  • 2 exam papers marked by experienced official examiners

  • No credit card required

Up Core

  • Full access to all content and features
  • All-in-one solution for A*/A results, from any prior level
  • A*/A guaranteed, or your money back - find out more
  • Basic 24/7 online support

  • No credit card required

Every Up Learn course includes:

100% exam board specific and covers your specification (nothing outside it!)

Interactive video lessons covering your entire syllabus and exam technique

24 exam practice papers, tailored to your new exam board spec, written by official examiners

Artificial intelligence detects gaps in your knowledge and weak spots and focused on those until resolved

Learning and practice spaced over optimal intervals to maximise your score on exam day

Uses powerful insight from educational neuroscience so you learn more in less time

Instantly see your current grade in each topic and overall, and how far to A*

Hundreds of videos and thousands of questions to practice until you master every topic

A*/A guaranteed, or your money back - find out more

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Frequently asked questions

If you personally paid our teachers/tutors to tutor you one-to-one for the same number of hours they have spent producing an Up Learn course, you would rack up a bill close to £100,000. So how come we can offer Up Learn for just a few hundred? Well, we have captured the best of the one-to-one tuition learning experience and scaled it with technology. This allows a previously pay-per-hour service to be delivered to everyone simultaneously.

Therefore, we have priced Up Learn in a way that allows us to help as many students as possible, whilst also covering our costs.
Behind every course is a team of world-class teachers and tutors who are typically paid £100+ per hour for one-to-one tuition. They've spent hundreds of hours producing the materials for Up Learn courses, creating and perfecting the content until it achieves A* results. They're supported by teams of illustrators, animators, video producers, audio engineers and production assistants who help put everything together. And their human teaching expertise is blended with artificial intelligence: algorithms that work under the hood to optimise your unique path to A*. Hundreds of thousands of pounds go into developing and maintaining the content and technology in every Up Learn course. The result? An all-in-one solution for A* academic success. We capture, compress and deliver exactly what you need when you need it, to steadily and certainly reach A* results.

However, we recognise these prices are inaccessible to some students and families. That's why we offer an unlimited number of scholarships to students who are on or are eligible for free school meals, cross-subsidised by those who do pay.
Nope! Up Learn is an all-in-one solution for A*/A academic success, guaranteed, or your money back. You can throw away your textbooks, private tutors, revision notes, revision apps, etc.. You don't need supplements from any other source.
Of course! Once you've purchased Up Learn for 1 subject, for additional subjects you can purchase Up Master for significantly discounted £369.99 £269.99 per year, or Up Core for £249.99 £149.99 per year.