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Pricing plans

Pricing plans

Pricing plans

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Frequently asked questions:

Why is Up Learn so expensive?

Behind every course is a team of world-class teachers and tutors who are typically paid £100+ per hour for 1:1 tuition. They’ve spent thousands of hours creating and perfecting the content for Up Learn courses until it achieves A* results.  They’re supported by teams of experts, illustrators, animators, video producers, audio engineers and production assistants who help put everything together.  On average, 16 hours of effort goes into the production of each minute of Up Learn content – there is no compromise on quality, no matter how small.

Hundreds of thousands of pounds go into developing and maintaining the content and technology in every Up Learn course. However, we recognise these prices are inaccessible to some students and families. That’s why we offer an unlimited number of scholarships to students who are on or are eligible for free school meals, cross-subsidised by those who pay

What if Up Learn doesn’t suit my child’s learning style?*

A review of the experimental data by Pashler, McDaniel, Rohrer and Bjork in 2009* “found virtually no evidence for” the effectiveness of learning styles, and several studies where the results “flatly contradicted” it.

The study did find, however, that what was most important is that the mode of instruction matches the nature of the subject being taught as much as possible: e.g. visual for geometry, verbal/auditory for poetry etc.

As we currently understand it, it is irrelevant from a learning efficacy perspective whether people receive instruction in their ‘learning style’ or not. However, it is completely fair to say that people have different preferences of learning style.

Our chosen method of instruction is video. Conveniently, this more or less encompasses all learning styles relevant for academic subjects. So whether you believe in learning styles or not, you aren’t at a disadvantage.

*Pashler, H., McDaniel, M., Rohrer, D. and Bjork, R. (2009) ‘Learning styles: Concepts and evidence’, Psychological Science in the Public Interest, 9(3), pp. 105–119. doi: 10.1111/j.1539-6053.2009.01038.x.

Why is Up Learn so cheap?

If you personally paid our teachers/tutors to tutor you one-to-one for the same number of hours they have spent producing an Up Learn course, you would rack up a bill close to £100,000. So how come we can offer Up Learn for just a few hundred? Well, we have captured the best of the one-to-one tuition learning experience and scaled it with technology. This allows a previously pay-per-hour service to be delivered to everyone simultaneously.

We have priced Up Learn in a way that allows us to help as many students as possible, whilst also covering our costs.

Will I need to buy anything else?

Nope. Up Learn is an all-in-one solution for A*/A academic success, guaranteed, or your money back. You can throw away your child’s textbooks, private tutors, revision notes, revision apps, etc. You don’t need supplements from any other source.

What if I want Up Learn for multiple subjects?

After you have purchased Up Learn for one subject and exam board, you can purchase additional courses at discounted prices relative to RRP.

Can I cancel weekly plans anytime? Can I return Up Learn?

Yes. You can do it from your account anytime, no questions asked.

For “Access Until” plans, we offer a 7 day period within which you can return the course.