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Amidst the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, our health service has been doing everything possible to help us.  To help them, we are extending our scholarships programme to provide NHS staff with full Up Learn licences for their children, free of charge.  This way, NHS staff can focus on saving lives, without having to worry as much about the education of their children or keeping them occupied at home.

In the last week, the government has rapidly stepped up its response to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak in the UK.  Schools have been closed, exams have been cancelled, and the UK has entered three weeks of lockdown, with several non-essential high street businesses closing.

During these uncertain times, we must all do our bit to help each other.  There has not been a greater demonstration of this than on the front line of our National Health Service.  We cannot begin to understand the immense pressure that NHS staff are under and we are extremely grateful for the work that they have been doing.

We realise that, as an online learning platform, we have a real chance to help NHS staff – we can handle their child’s education (as well as keep them occupied) when they are at home so that NHS staff can focus on their jobs without worrying about their kids/their kids’ futures.

Our all-in-one online interactive courses give students everything that they need to receive the most effective learning experience – anytime, anywhere.  Content is produced by a world-class team of educators using applied cognitive science. AI provides students with real-time feedback on their performance.

So, effective today, we are extending our scholarships programme to provide NHS staff with full Up Learn licences for their children, free of charge, whilst they continue to battle against this pathogen. We hope that this small gesture will help remove a little bit of pressure from staff in our health service.

How to get full access (NHS staff)

You will need an NHS email address

Ask your child to go to and sign up for a trial account with their email address.  Ensure that they sign up to all of their subjects

Send an email to [email protected] from your NHS email address.  In the email, include your child’s email address so that we can upgrade their account

Your child’s account will be upgraded to a full Up Core account within 1-3 working days, valid until the 30th June 2020

Limited to one scholarship per NHS staff member

The Up Learn Team

If you believe that your organisation should be eligible for full Up Learn scholarships, please get in touch via our live chat.

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