A scholarship means completely free access to one or more Up Learn courses. They are possible because we cross-subsidise students who are paying for Up Learn with those who cannot. For every student who pays, we give a course free to a student who can't.

To receive a scholarship, you must meet one of the below criteria:

  1. You are registered at an IntoUniversity centre.
  2. You are at a school supported by The Access Project and are on their programme.
  3. You are a Crowd Scholar candidate.
  4. You are on or eligible for free school meals.

There are no other criteria for receiving a scholarship. There is no academic assessment. If you meet one of the above criteria, you will receive access to Up Learn for free.

We highly recommend all students who require a scholarship to register at their nearest IntoUniversity centre. This is the best way to get access to Up Learn for free. Once registered at IntoUniversity or The Access Project, you can notify us from the billing page to claim your scholarship. All requests will be verified with IntoUniversity or The Access Project as appropriate.

Alternatively, to tell us you're eligible for free school meals, please visit our information page on free school meals.


If you are a teacher and want to give your free school meals pupils access to Up Learn for free, please click the button below.