Using Up Learn in Year 12 helps you get the best predicted grades and reference possible.  These are important aspects of your university application.  So, if you want an offer from your dream uni, use Up Learn as soon as you can!
If they didn’t, our money-back guarantee would have bankrupted us by now. 😂
We’ve designed Up Learn to work for everyone, no matter your background or starting point!  Read more about the Science Behind Up Learn.
Spoiler: learning styles (visual, kinaesthetic, auditory) are a myth.
The quality of our courses, and how easy we are to use.
Quality – Our courses are awesome 😂 our world class team literally spend hundreds of thousands of hours ensuring they are the best they can be.  We add in decades of cognitive science research to maximise learning efficiency, and our AI tailors the course to you and gives you feedback. 
Easy to Use – You can use Up Learn anytime, anywhere (as long as you have internet 😂).  We do all the heavy lifting for you – no need to put in the hours making notes, looking up syllabuses, or learning in ways that just aren’t efficient.  You don’t even need to waste time trying to find help online – Up Learn has everything!
In the event that either schools close or exams get cancelled, having Up Learn helps minimise disruption to your education and put you in the best position possible for things to come.
  • If you are in Year 12, you will be able to continue to learn using Up Learn throughout term-time and be well placed for UCAS applications, Year 13, university and beyond. Your predicted grades will be judged by your teacher using evidence of performance in mocks, assessments and schoolwork. Through using Up Learn to understand your subject better, you will perform better in all of these areas and receive better grades! You will then be less stressed over the summer and next year when everyone else is playing catch-up
  • If you are in Year 13 and exams get cancelled, your A Level grades will likely be awarded by teachers (using evidence of your work) or via mocks and assessments. Through using Up Learn to understand your subject better, you will perform better in all of these areas and receive better grades!

Learning with Up Learn

All you need is Up Learn 😍 – it’s a complete solution.  No distractions – just world-class learning.
You can trust us!
Check out Trustpilot or read about us in The Times, Forbes and The Financial Times/The FT!  We’re on Crunchbase, real people have invested in us and we also have LinkedIn.
We are also in 100+ schools 🤗 and partnered with The Sutton Trust, IntoUniversity, ProjectAccess, Crowd Scholar and The Access Project to offer scholarships to disadvantaged children.
If you still want to read more, you can read about Up Learn on The Student Room.  Your high achieving classmates (particularly those who suddenly got good) may already by using us. 😂😏
We’re in the process of doing more PR and partnering with more organisations.  If you feel you can help us, please reach out using our livechat!
Students have better luck with us!  Zahra found our videos so engaging that she was able to kick the habit of watching Netflix while working. 😀

The A*-A Guarantee

Every student is guaranteed A*-A results – or your money back – regardless of your background or starting point.  To read more, visit Our Guarantee!
On or after results day, send a photo of your A Level certificate to us via our Live Chat.  We’ll then verify that you completed the course and that your certificate is authentic.  If both of these conditions are satisfied, we’ll process a refund!
We really believe in our courses!
We also wanted to offer students, parents and schools a risk-free way of using us.  This is also why we offer a free trial.

Up Learn Courses

A Level Economics
A Level Maths
A Level Physics
A Level Psychology
A Level Chemistry
We are actively developing courses for more A Level subjects.
Yes.  However, you can (and should) also use Up Learn if you are not doing one of our exam boards.  There is loads of overlap between exam boards and even different education systems (APs, IB, etc)!
This depends on the subject!
We aim to cover the three main UK exam boards: AQA, Edexcel (Pearson) and OCR.  Depending on the subject, we may support WJEC, CCEA, Cambridge Assessment International Education and IB.
Don’t worry!  You can still use Up Learn.  We recommend that you look at what exam boards we offer, and choose the syllabus that matches yours most.  If you don’t know which of our exam boards this is, you can:
  • Ask your teacher
  • Ask us on live chat
Each minute of Up Learn video takes ~16 hours of human effort to produce!  Courses take hundreds of thousands of hours to human effort to complete.  The quality is top notch. 👌
No – we are not affiliated with and do not have any relationship with any exam boards.
Depending on your plan, you will receive access to:
  • Video lessons
  • Quiz-check questions
  • Video quizzes
  • Exam how-to videos
  • Definition memorization and recall sessions
  • Progress quizzes
  • Exam practice papers
  • Tutor support
  • Exam practice paper marking
They’re fun to watch, they teach you really quickly and they help you remember content so much easier than conventional learning/teaching. 👌
They test you understand the material and provide you feedback on how you are doing.  They help you dispel misconceptions and help you keep focused during videos!
Having good exam technique helps you pick up extra marks.  We show you what this looks like for each subject so you can pick up every single mark possible.
Our tutor support provides you with an alternative way of understanding topics, and can help out with any supplemental questions you have!
You can ask questions/send screenshots over live chat to our tutors in the box in the bottom corner.  We then promptly reply with clear explanations to help you out. 😃
Our students tell us they are often surprised at how well it works!
They are written exclusively for Up Learn by official examiners.
Up Master contains all of the features of Up Core, but adds:
  • The ability to get your exam practice papers marked by an official examiner
  • Unlimited one-to-one 24/7 tutor support from Oxford/Cambridge/LSE/Imperial Up Tutors


Yes!  We offer content for A Level subjects, so you can use Up Learn to get a head start!
Up Learn courses can take 8-16 weeks to complete from scratch based on 1 hour per day.  This varies by student and subject – many students will not need to start from scratch to achieve A-A*!
Yes – Up Learn can help you solidify your grades, and help you score higher As/A*s.  Typical Cambridge offer holders have 94-96% UMS, with your chances of an offer increasing with your UMS score.
Yes!  You can study as many courses as you like. It just depends how motivated you are!


When you sign up for a parent trial, you can invite your child.  When your child signs up, your accounts will be automatically linked.
You can also reach out to us on live chat with your child’s email address.
With a parent account, you can:
  • Link your account to your child’s account
  • View your child’s subjects and modules
  • View your child’s progress in each topic, including how much they have been using the course and their Up Score
  • See the course overview for each subject
  • Change/update billing information
No problem – you can buy courses from your child’s Up Learn account.
Just reach out to us to link your accounts up. 🙂


Up School Gold contains:
  • Video lessons
  • Quiz-check questions
  • Video quizzes
  • Exam how-to videos
  • Definition memorization and recall sessions
  • Progress quizzes
  • Exam practice papers
  • Tutor support
We tailor plans to each school based on their number of students, and how long they subscribe for.  Our team is able to build a plan to fit any budget.
Head to uplearn.co.uk/teachers and fill out the enquiry form at the bottom of the page. 😁

Plans & Pricing

This depends on the plan that you purchase:
  • For plans where you pay upfront, you generally have the option to purchase access until the end of the current academic year (August) or the next academic year.  You may also have the option of access until the academic year after the next.
  • For weekly plans, you have access until you cancel your plan (if subscribed for less than 12 weeks) or until the end of the current academic year (if subscribed for 12 weeks).  You pay for a maximum of 12 weeks at a time – access afterwards is free for the rest of the academic year.
We designed weekly plans to match how you would pay for a tutor – weekly, and with the chance to cancel anytime.
12 weeks is all you need to complete Up Learn, so we don’t think you should have to pay for more!
Hundreds of thousands of pounds go into developing our courses and technology.  We have world-class teachers, tutors, illustrators, animators and engineers.
When you compare Up Learn to other revision aids or services like academic tutoring, we promise a lot more at a fraction of the price!
We also offer scholarships to eligible students.
We price our courses to make sure that they are accessible to as many people as possible. 😊 
We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Google Pay and Apple Pay.


We are an all-in-one online education platform 🤗 we use AI (artificial intelligence), applied cognitive science and world-class educators to help A Level students achieve A-A* results.
To make the most effective learning experience in the world accessible to all. 💪
We were officially founded in 2016.  Work on Up Learn started in 2015.
In 2010, our founder, Guy, fell ill with glandular fever at the beginning of his A-Levels and missed an entire term.  Faced with the prospect of re-doing the year, Guy spent some of his time off researching ways to learn faster and smarter.  He discovered research on cognitive science, and applied key techniques to his learning.  Upon returning to school, he rose from below-average grades to top of the year (to the surprise of his teachers).
Guy realised that there were many students who could benefit from this research.  However, it was also relatively difficult to apply.  He therefore founded Up Learn to make this learning experience accessible to all.
Up Learn will run on most internet-connected devices.
We recommend using Google Chrome as your web browser.  Other browsers will work, but we test rigorously with Chrome.

Question not answered here?

Use the green chat button in the bottom right corner of the screen to speak to us 24/7 ->