The A*/A Guarantee

If you buy an Up Learn course and complete it, we guarantee you’ll get an A*/A or we’ll give you your money back!

We know.|It sounds too good to be true.|But it’s not.|

Join the 97% of students completing an Up Learn course and achieving A*/A in their exams.

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A stamp of excellence

We offer an A*/A guarantee because Up Learn courses are of the highest quality and contain everything that students need to get top grades.  

Each course video is crafted precisely, leveraging cognitive science research to ensure that students’ understand and retain information as efficiently and effectively as possible.  Quizzes give immediate feedback on why answers are right or wrong, whilst our AI builds a picture of students’ strengths and weaknesses over time.


What you need to know


1. Enrolment is automatic

All students that buy an Up Learn course (exam packs excluded) are automatically enrolled in the A*/A Guarantee 


2. Qualifying for the guarantee

All you have to do is complete the course.

A course is considered completed when a student gets to 90% or above across the full course, and maintains this up to the day of their exam


3. Qualifying exams

You need to sit an official exam board exam in which it is possible to get an A*/A in the subject to be eligible for a refund


4. Claim within 14 days

Show us an official exam-board issued document with your grades within 14 days of the relevant results day and we’ll immediately refund you in full

Frequently asked questions

If you sit an official exam, the guarantee applies.  This is straightforward for Year 12 students with plans that last until the end of Year 13, as that is when you will sit your official A Level exams.

Year 12 students with plans that expire at the end of Year 12 are covered for official AS exams that they sit.  Additionally, students on these plans have the option to renew their access to the end of Year 13, with the full amount they spend over 2 years covered by the guarantee.
Although using Up Learn helps you maximise the impact of your efforts, you will still have to put work in to complete Up Learn/get an A*
Our research has found that the more time students spend on Up Learn, the more their grades improve

For some students, it makes sense to complete Up Learn courses – these students unlock the money back guarantee. 

Other students will use Up Learn to patch specific gaps in their knowledge, without needing to complete the course – these students do not aim to unlock the money back guarantee, but still go on to achieve A*/A or whatever their target grade is.  This is similar to how students would use a tutor
If you complete Up Learn and don’t get an A*/A grade in your exam, you get your money back.  All you have to do is send us a photo of your official exam-board-issued results document with your full name and grades via the chat button, and we’ll process your refund immediately – no questions asked.
To the best of our knowledge, no other revision or learning solution focuses on quality as much as we do.  Furthermore, the technology to enable tutors to deliver the best lesson possible to each student every single week, or to know that students have covered every topic to an A* standard and retained that knowledge over time, doesn’t yet exist outside of Up Learn
If you are doing a course such as AQA Psychology or AQA Physics (where Papers 1 and 2 are standardised, but you can choose which topics to answer on Paper 3), you may find that the Paper 3 topics that Up Learn covers do not match what you are covering in school. If you are doing optional content that is different to the content covered by Up Learn, our guarantee still applies to Paper 1 and Paper 2 🙂
We think this page has explained everything you need to know, but you can also view the legal text on our Terms & Conditions page