Our Impact

Students, parents and educators have faced immense challenges over the past year. At Up Learn, we’ve been supporting them along the way.

Over the last year, we delivered top educational outcomes to over 8000 students, and we’ve ensured that learning was uninterrupted at over 150 schools.

Our very first Impact Report highlights the impact that our work has had. Some highlights include: 

  • 95% of parents and 97% of students already have or would recommend Up Learn to a friend.
  • 87% of students say that Up Learn has improved their motivation and engagement.
  • Since 2017, 95% of Up Learn students on Free School Meals secured university places. 72% gained places at ‘higher tariff’ universities.

Read the full report for a closer analysis of our data, plus in-depth testimonials from our students and school partners.

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See how Up Learn can help you transform your students’ attainment