A*-A Guarantee

or your money back

Wait... for reals?

Yes. For reals.

Every student is guaranteed A*-A results - or your money back - regardless of your background or starting point

Everyone who completes an Up Learn course is automatically entitled to our A*-A money back guarantee - no questions asked.

We aim for 100% of our students to get these results, with the vast majority getting A*.

In the unlikely event that you complete the Up Learn course and do not get A*-A, you just have to show us any official exam board document (e.g. certificate or print out) with your grades, and we will immediately refund you in full.

Frequently asked questions

What counts as "completing the course"?

You complete the course when you reach an Up Intelligence score of 90-100%. Your score increases steadily as you progress through the course. Students usually reach 90-100% after 8-12 weeks of using Up Learn for about 6 hours per week. However, you will have to keep using Up Learn to maintain the score (it will start going down if you neglect your learning)!

So is this a silver bullet? I no longer have to work?

No. Up Learn is for students who are prepared to put in the work that's necessary to get outstanding results and go on to study at world leading institutions. What we provide is a certain way of getting there: if you put in the work to complete the course, you will get the result, or your money back.

What if I'm just stupid?

Everyone gets the guarantee. We've seen students go from D grades to A* results. It doesn't matter what you've tried before or the level you're at now. You've arrived at Up Learn, and Up Learn works for everyone. Watch our Limitless video

What if I cancel?

If you cancel your Up Learn enrolment then you cannot complete the course and will be unable to claim the guarantee.

Why do you do this?

Everything we do at Up Learn is driven by our aim to help every student fulfill their potential and achieve the best possible results. The best measure of this is learner outcomes: i.e. your grades. We offer the guarantee to demonstrate our commitment to this goal.