LEARNING HACK #11: Self-evaluation is key to success

This post is part of a series challenging our assumptions about learning techniques. We’re giving you up to date information from current research into learning to help you learn effectively. Check out the previous post in this series and read the most recent one below.

We should stop and think about our learning and consider what could be done better. Taking the time to review our learning strategies ensures that we are on the right track.


It’s 11 am and you’ve gone for a run in your local park. You are meeting your friend at 11.30 am at the café on the other side of the park. There’s a route that takes exactly half an hour and would lead you directly to the café.

Not stopping to reflect on your learning and the direction it is taking would be like running for 30 minutes without checking that you are on the path that will lead you to the café. If you aren’t going to get to your end destination when you need to, your effort will be wasted.

If we take the time to reflect on our learning we can check that we are on the right track and find room for improvement. Research has proven that we often overestimate our own competence, so to reflect honestly is a key component of efficient learning and will save massive amounts of time in the long run.

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