The 100-hour MRI scan of the brain

Scientists just created the most vivid MRI scan of the brain ever made! Researchers did a post-mortem examination and scanned a brain for 100 hours to get detailed images of brain structures. These scans help scientists to understand how small changes in the brain cause mental illnesses like PTSD. 

A new paper in Bio Rxiv explains that the brain was surrounded in a special casing to hold the brain still and kept air out. Then a powerful MRI scanner imaged brain structures which are usually very hard to see. These high resolution images will help researchers to study disorders like depression. 

Could you lie still for 100 hours to have your brain imaged in an MRI?

This story is related to the Methods of Studying the Brain section in the Psychology A Level course.

For more on this story, check out this article. You can find the published paper here.

A 3D MRI brain scan, with the highest resolution ever!
A 3D MRI brain scan, with the highest resolution ever!, Edlow et al.

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