LEARNING HACK #4: Learn the wrong thing first

This post is part of a series challenging our assumptions about learning techniques. We’re giving you up to date information from current research into learning to help you learn effectively. Check out the previous post in this series and read the most recent one below. Time should be devoted to discussing incorrect explanations. THIS IS TRUE….

How To Be Smarter

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re probably right.” – Henry Ford What is it you’ve always struggled to learn? Whether it’s an apparent incompetence with languages, ineptitude with numbers or inability to recall the details of an insightful book, we’ve all experienced frustrations with learning. If only more people knew that the…

Are you revising the stuff you already know?

Recently, psychologists have conducted a study in which they watched small children playing with jigsaws. The findings show us something really interesting: by the age of 4, a large proportion of little kids would rather do a jigsaw they’ve done before – and be able to do it successfully – than try a jigsaw they…