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Lisa started using Up Learn during the summer before Year 13 and completely turned around her grades in Economics, from Ds and Cs to an A*. She describes Up Learn as eye-opening, life-changing and essential.


Up Learn Course

Edexcel Economics


Plan Type

Up Master


Grade Improvement

C to A*

What were your grades before and after Up Learn?

“Right so my initial grades before Up Learn weren’t really good. I was at Ds in the beginning of the year and then at a C at my January mock. But once I gave Up Learn a go, […] in a follow up exam I got 23 out of 25 which is a safe A* and now my UCAS prediction is an A for universities. I’m more than confident to say I will get an A* at the end of the year.”

What was your favourite aspect of Up Learn?

“I feel like Up Learn became some type of educational equivalent to Netflix. You just sit back and you watch videos which are really interactive and that keeps you focused so you don’t tend to zoom out and go wandering in your thoughts.”

What was the biggest breakthrough feature?

“I think throughout the videos, filling out the one or two odd questions really makes a difference. And the exam questions thrill you because it is timed. So you can’t allow yourself to cheat a little bit and get like 2 extra minutes, 5 extra minutes, and so on.”

How would you describe Up Learn in 3 words?

Essential because I wouldn’t have done well without Up Learn. Life-changing because you understand finally there is a thing that is not time consuming and allows you to plan your revision out. Eye-opening, you just understand by your exam results later on that it’s just one thing that made all the difference.”


Keir went from getting Bs in his mocks to an A* in his final Economics exam. He is now fulfilling his goal of studying Economic History at the London School of Economics.


Up Learn Course

AQA Economics


Plan Type

Up Master


Grade Improvement

B to A*

What were your working grades before you started Up Learn?

“I really considered myself a triple-B student, […] I was genuinely frightened that I’d get a low grade for Economics. […] I noticed after each mock exam, after any kind of piece of work, I just wasn’t performing at the level I needed to.”

What was your first experience of Up Learn like?

“I remember opening it for the first time, thinking I’d just watch 10 minutes, and then I sat there for about two hours reading and watching these things that I’d completely forgotten about from first year. So it drew me in quite quickly.

When did you notice the benefits of using Up Learn?

I noticed the benefits of Up Learn immediately. Going back to classes, I was able to answer questions that I couldn’t before, my friends were impressed, they were asking how I did it. […] My teacher noticed there was a visible improvement in the content in my essays.”

How has Up Learn helped you achieve your dreams?

“I got an A* in Economics. As soon as I got these grades, I knew I could effectively do what I want. I got into the London School of Economics to do Economic History. […] So thanks to Up Learn, my economics vastly improved, and it enabled me to go to one of the best institutions in the world for it.”


Merilin started using Up Learn during the first COVID lockdown in April 2020. Her academic improvements were soon noticed by teachers and peers as she pursued her dream of a place at King’s College, London. On Results Day 2021, Merilin got in touch to let us know that she got As in her Up Learn subjects!


Plan Type



Grade Improvement

Psychology: C to A*
Economics: C to A

What were your study techniques before Up Learn?

“Before Up Learn I was studying just by flashcards. Flashcards worked for me at GCSEs but because at A Level the subjects are more heavily content based, they don’t work because they take a lot of time just to make them and I don’t have any time to revise them. Whereas Up Learn helps me learn the definitions in under half an hour for each topic.”

Who else noticed your grade improvements?

“I started using Up Learn when corona first started and […] before we got back in September, my teacher said to me that, ‘you’ve improved so much more since we last saw you!’ And I was like ‘yeah, its because I’ve been using the new website!’”

Did you tell your friends about Up Learn?

“My friends have asked me ‘what do you use?’ because they’ve seen the improvements in my work as well. […] I was showing them Up Learn on the computers and showing them just how easy it was to use and how accessible everything was. And they really liked it, and they went home that day and got it!

How has Up Learn helped you towards your dreams?

“At the end of my A Levels I hope to get an A*AA; which would allow me to go to Kings College where I would study Business Management. If I were to get into Kings, I would be so happy, it would be incredible!


Jacob’s teachers were so shocked when he went from achieving Cs and Ds to getting As that they called his parents to ask what was happening. He finished with the highest grade in his year.


Up Learn Course

Edexcel Economics


Plan Type

Up Master


Grade Improvement

D to A

What were your grades before and after Up Learn?

“Before using Up Learn, relative to my class, I was bottom 5, bottom 4, probably. Getting D’s and C’s. My teacher wasn’t even concerned because this is where I was, I was static. […] Then I started using Up Learn and I quickly overtook the arrogant students who looked down at me and that was a great feeling.”

Who else noticed your improvements?

“My teacher was confused. […] he called my Mum twice and my Dad a few times. He was saying, ‘Look, I don’t know what’s happening, but his grades are going up. I didn’t even expect this. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t think he would ever get to B grade and earn A grade,’ which is what I walked out with.”

What was the main benefit of using Up Learn?

“The main benefit I got by using Up Learn is definitely the passion I found for Economics. […] There was one case study that fascinated me that you used in one of your videos. I researched it and researched it and I realised that I’m really enjoying learning about Economics and learning about the world.”

What sort of students would Up Learn be suited for?

“Up Learn works best for the students like me. The students that are just handed paperwork and don’t know what to do with it. […] Anyone that gets given a book of five hundred pages and thinks, ‘What the hell do I do with this?’ To the students like that, definitely Up Learn is well suited for you.”


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Frequently asked questions

I’m in Year 12 – why is it so important to get Up Learn now (rather than wait for Year 13)?

The sooner you use Up Learn to start building your knowledge, the more effective your learning will be. Read about how knowledge impacts your ability to learn and perform.

Equally, Using Up Learn in Year 12 helps you get the best predicted grades and reference possible.  These are important aspects of your university application.  So, if you want to smash any interviews and gain an offer from your dream university, use Up Learn as soon as you can!

Do 97% of students that complete Up Learn courses really get A*-A?

Yes! If they didn’t, our money-back guarantee would have bankrupted us by now!

The important thing here is that these students have completed the course. If you buy Up Learn, you won’t automatically get an A* in the same way that joining a gym doesn’t get you fit. If you use Up Learn and finish the course, you will get an A*/A or you will get your money back. You’ve got nothing to lose!

Is completing an Up Learn course hard?

You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can fly through an Up Learn course. Engaging content helps students retain knowledge, so all of our content is made to be as engaging as possible.

Courses take 8-16 weeks to complete from scratch, based on 1 hour per day. This varies by student and subject – many students will not need to start from scratch to attain A*-A.

Students describe us as “Netflix for education” – binge watch some videos and watch time fly!

If I don’t intend to complete the course, is there any point to me having Up Learn?

Even if you choose not to complete Up Learn, you will find the interactive videos (where you can search for topics to get help) and 1-2-1 tutor support invaluable when you come across something you don’t understand. Students find our quiz questions and practice exam papers indispensible when revising. Up Learn is immensely effective in helping you achieve the best results in the shortest time possible. Even when they don’t complete the course, the average student goes up at least a grade using Up Learn.

Will Up Learn work for me?

We’ve designed Up Learn so that it will work for everyone.  It doesn’t matter what your background or starting point is. To find why Up Learn works for anybody, check out the Science Behind Up Learn.

Where can I read more about Up Learn?

Check out Trustpilot to see what students, parents and teachers have to say about us.

You can read about some of our research with UCL (University College London) in Forbes. We’ve been featured in major press outlets such as The Times and The Financial Times.

Our lead institutional investors, Forward Partners, wrote about why they invested in us here.