At Up Learn, we provide a customised learning experience to each student that guarantees results. We do this by creating courses that focus on delivering the material in the most effective way.

Our methodology is built on a foundation of research from the field of cognitive science. We use the latest scientific research when creating our lessons to ensure that students are absorbing and retaining content efficiently. Our team only select the most academically robust studies to develop the best learning experience.

We then combine this research with a artificial intelligence that determines a student’s strengths and weaknesses and is able to track how they are performing in real-time. 

Our students learn how to grasp new concepts quickly because we focus on explaining topics concisely. With the use of science and technology, we’ve built a system that enables students to learn as fast as possible and retain knowledge for as long as possible.

And 97% of our students go on to achieve A and A* grades in their exams, so we’re confident that we’re on to something.

Scroll down to take a detailed look at a subset of the scientific concepts that go in to our methodology!

Our Core Concepts

The Science We Use

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