7th May 2024

Introducing the School Dashboard: Giving schools, departments and teachers an even better overview of progress

Up Learn is delighted to announce the launch of the new School Dashboard functionality. Following a successful pilot school beta trial, we’re giving you a quick overview of what schools and teachers can expect from the improvements. 

At Up Learn, we enable teachers to help students continue their learning outside of class. School leaders and teachers have asked for greater insight and overview of their students and departments. It’s this feedback that has helped shape the new dashboard. 

The new School Dashboard gives you reporting and insights to ensure you and your students get the most out of Up Learn. You’re now able to check if students have completed their tasks, track their progress, and understand where they need support.

So what features make the School Dashboard particularly valuable?

Key benefits

1. Detailed reporting

The ability to view progress, student’s effort, and subject knowledge at a department, cohort, and student level – making information easy to understand for all school personnel who are involved in progress and reporting.

2. Progress tracking

The new dashboard helps teachers understand whether students have completed work that has been allocated, whilst understanding student progress by time spent or by topic covered. This should give a better indication of where the educational gaps are and help teachers fill them. 

3. Easy to use

Improved design means that it’s easy to understand results and progress. Our new dashboard provides insights and data clearly and concisely, which means that schools can quickly understand progress and focus on supporting their students.

Understanding Student Progress

From the Department Overview page, you will be able to access an Activities view.

This page displays students’ performance against weekly goals you have set for them by time or by topic.

The Activities page also features an automated weekly report and Leaderboard.

This will help you to identify who is performing well and who may need further support.

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