Up Learn A Level Economics AQA

The Up Learn A Level Economics AQA course has been crafted to ensure that all students can achieve better results, as quickly as possible. We have combined world class teaching with learning science, and made it accessible to all.

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The proportion of students that get an A* or an A at A Level after completing Up Learn


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50 million

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Why we are different

Our teaching is world class. We don’t just churn out content. Each video is crafted precisely – every animation you see, and every word you hear.

Understand & master A Level Economics AQA 3X faster and retain knowledge far longer than is possible with conventional teaching and tutoring. Up Learn enables A Level students to improve as effectively as possible, at a fraction of the price, no matter the background or starting point.

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Cognitive Science & AI

Learning tailored to you, with 70+ techniques such as elaborative encoding, retrieval practice, and interleaved learning built in


Engaging Content

Students describe Up Learn as like “watching Netflix, but for education”


Syllabus Specific

What you need, grouped by topic, so you improve as fast as possible


Our A Level Economics AQA Course

We also offer an exam-board specific course for Edexcel. If you’re not on either of these exam boards, choose whichever matches your syllabus the most!

Up Learn AQA A Level Economics

We cover 100% of the A Level Economics AQA specification, centred around the four main topics:

1. The operation of markets and market failure

2. The national economy in a global context

3. Individuals, firms, markets and market failure

4. The national and international economy


Every course includes


Interactive A Level Economics AQA Video Lessons

Video content that keeps you engaged and regular activities that keep you from losing focus


Detailed Quizzes

Technical, Memorisation and Mastery quizzes gradually build up your knowledge and understanding


Exclusive Practice Papers

Written by real examiners exclusively for Up Learn in order to give you additional confidence when preparing for exams


Progress Tracker

Bespoke assessment and practice questions to chart your grade gains as you progress

Frequently asked questions

I’m in Year 12 – why is it so important to get Up Learn now (rather than wait for Year 13)?

Using Up Learn in Year 12 helps you get the best predicted grades and reference possible.  These are important aspects of your university application.  So, if you want to smash any interviews and gain an offer from your dream university, use Up Learn as soon as you can!

Will Up Learn work for me?

We’ve designed Up Learn so that it will work for everyone.  It doesn’t matter what your background or starting point is. To find why Up Learn works for anybody, check out the Science Behind Up Learn.

Is completing an Up Learn course hard?

Courses take 8-16 weeks to complete from scratch, based on 1 hour per day. This varies by student and subject – many students will not need to start from scratch to attain A*-A.

If I don’t intend to complete the course, is there any point to me having Up Learn?

Up Learn is immensely effective in helping you achieve the best results in the shortest time possible. Even when they don’t complete the course, the average student goes up at least a grade using Up Learn.