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Algebra and Functions IV

There are six ways to transform a curve:

Translating it up or down, and translating it left to right. 

Reflecting it in the horizontal axis, and reflecting it in the vertical axis.

Stretching or squashing the curve vertically , and stretching or squashing the curve horizontally.

For any given function…


This represents a translation up… or down.

This represents a translation left… or right.

This represents a reflection in the horizontal axis… and this, a reflection in the vertical axis.

This represents a squash towards the horizontal axis… and this a stretch away from the horizontal axis.

Finally this represents a stretch away from the vertical axis… and this a squash towards it.

To sketch one of these three types of transformation,  pick a few points on the curve… transform the y-coordinates of their points… and then sketch in the transformed curve.

To sketch one of these three types of transformation, pick a few points on the curve… and this time work out what new x-coordinate you need to map to the existing x-coordinate.  Then plot the new x-coordinates against the outputs and sketch in the transformed curve.


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