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Oxford, Classics

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Disappointing start

In year 12, in my first mock I got a D, which was really disappointing because my predicted grade was an A*. I was getting into really bad habits. Like, watching Netflix whilst I was trying to learn.

Overcoming Netflix 

There’s no way you can watch Netflix when you use Up Learn. The videos are just so captivating. I remember watching videos with Dr Dre and Beats headphones. You just couldn’t forget them if you tried. 

Transformed Understanding

I was watching the news with my mum and I was actually able to explain things… Up Learn made such a difference. Being able to, on the spot, explain my knowledge to someone else was how I knew that I’d really taken it in and not just memorised the textbook. 

Exceeding University Offers

Getting an A* in Economics meant that I exceeded my Uni offer of AAA from Wadham College, Oxford. It means I’m studying Classic, my passion, full time at Oxford. I’m now at my dream university getting one of the best educations in the world. 

The template is really nice and offers quite a large set of options. It’s beautiful and the coding is done quickly and seamlessly. Thank you!

Maria Muszynska

Head of IT department

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