Student Stories: Merilin

Up Learn Course
Edexcel Economics - Scholarship
Grade Change
C to A

Merilin obtained a free scholarship for Up Learn during the first COVID lockdown in April. Her grade improvements were instantly noticed by her teachers and peers, and the improvements have unlocked the potential to attend her dream university of King’s College London. 🌟

Before using Up Learn, I was stuck on Cs for all my subjects, especially Psychology and Economics.
Since then I’m now on As which makes me the top of the class and makes me feel so happy!

Describe your grades before and after Up Learn.

Studying before Up Learn

“Yeah, before Up Learn I was studying just by flashcards. Flashcards worked for me at GCSE level but because in A Level the subjects are more heavily content based, they don’t work because they take a lot of time just to make them and I don’t have any time to revise them. Whereas Up Learn helps me learn the definitions in under half an hour for each topic – which is so much less compared to hours.”

Noticing my improvements

“I started using Up Learn when corona first started and […] before we got back in September, my teacher said to me that, ‘you’ve improved so much more since we last saw you!’ And I was like yeah, its because I’ve been using the new website!”

Telling my friends

“My friends have asked me what do you use because they’ve seen the improvements in my work as well. […] I was showing them Up Learn on the computers and showing them just how easy it was to use and how accessible everything was. And they really liked it, and they went home that day and got it!”

Realising my dreams

“At the end of my A Levels I hope to get an A*AA; which would allow me to go to Kings College where I would study Business Management. If I were to get into Kings, I would be so happy, it would be incredible!”

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