14 June 2024

Demonstrate value for money with Up Learn

The independent schools sector is facing increasing pressure and uncertainty. Schools are naturally reflecting on the ways in which they can add value to and enrich the educational experience of their students in the next academic year. Indeed, many independent schools across the nation will be evaluating priorities and how best to deliver excellence to parents and students alike.

With the proposed VAT addition and the increasing costs of living, it’s no wonder that independent schools are looking for  ways to maintain their competitive edge. GDST are reassuring parents that they ‘will continue to do whatever we can to keep fees as competitive as possible over the coming years’ and Barnaby Lenon, chairman of the Independent Schools Council, states that potential hikes in prices are ‘looming large in parents’ minds.’

In light of this, innovative solutions such as Up Learn can offer a lifeline, enabling schools to maintain vital high educational standards, despite fiscal challenges. Here’s why Up Learn is crucial for schools navigating funding cuts.

What is Up Learn?

Up Learn is an online learning platform expertly designed to help students reach their full potential through optimised, instructional learning courses. By leveraging cognitive science, artificial intelligence and engaging content, Up Learn provides a unique learning experience to each student. Up Learn’s approach ensures that every student can reach their full potential, even in the face of reduced school resources.

With this in mind, Up Learn can deliver additional value to schools and pupils alike, with minimal impact to expenditure.

The added value and cost efficiencies of working with Up Learn have been a major attraction for leading state schools including Astrea Academy Sheffield , Urmston Grammar, Mossbourne Community Academy and the top school in the UK for Progress attainment, Michaela Community School, and Skinners Academy.

Similarly, leading schools from the independent sector including CATS Global Schools, Epsom College and Oxford International College (Brighton) are currently using Up Learn to add incremental value to their school, and enrich their students’ education.

With this in mind, Up Learn can deliver additional value to schools and their students, with minimal impact to expenditure.

1. Proven Results

Up Learn has a track record of helping students achieve top grades. Schools facing funding challenges need reliable solutions that guarantee results if they are to invest in any new initiative. A 2022 study completed of over 1000 licences at our partner Ark academies discovered that students who spent at least 40 hours on Up Learn outperformed their predicted grade 47% of the time. Users who spent at least 50 hours on the platform did so at a rate of 51%, whilst students who Used Up Learn for 65 hours or more outperformed their predicted grade 65% of the time. So after 35 hours on Up Learn, the likelihood of a student outperforming their predicted grade starts to increase substantially.

2. Cost-Effective Quality Education

In these challenging times, schools must maximise the value of every pound spent. Up Learn offers a cost-effective solution by providing comprehensive courses that can aid and supplement traditional teaching methods. The platform’s subscription model can be more affordable than hiring additional staff or purchasing expensive textbooks and resources each year.

3. Personalised Learning

One of Up Learn’s standout features is its ability to deliver every student a personalised learning experience.The platform’s algorithms adapt to each student’s strengths and weaknesses, ensuring that everyone receives the support they need to succeed. This personalised approach can be particularly beneficial in larger cohorts or for independent study, alleviating the workload of teachers whilst still providing monitoring functionality.

4. Tracking and Monitoring

Senior Leadership, Middle Leaders, academic support staff and classroom teachers are able to effectively track and monitor student progress on Up Learn. This provides value for money to a vast range of stakeholders in the school. On the school dashboard, a teacher can gain insights into various levels of performance. For example, a Head of Year may monitor their cohort’s progress over exam period, whilst a subject teacher can discern their students’ weakest and strongest topics for the previous week.

5. Flexible learning environment

A great benefit of Up Learn is its flexible learning environment, meaning that it can adapt as the needs of the school changes. Up Learn can be completed in a class or study space in school. In each of these environments, students can benefit from around the clock support from expert tutors, DBS checked and ready to provide knowledge when needed.

6. Striving for excellence

To not only maintain but increase academic standards, schools increasingly look for innovative ways to stretch and challenge students. Up Learn’s personalised and adaptive learning approach ensures that students are motivated to be aspirational and face challenging areas head on. Also, parents and guardians readily recognise the impact on not only attainment, but work ethic too.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how Up Learn can add value to your learning provisions, we’d love to hear from you.