Student Stories: Lisa

Up Learn Course
Edexcel Economics - Up Master
Grade Change
D to A*

Lisa started using Up Learn during the summer before Year 13 and completely turned around her grades in Economics, from Ds and Cs to be working at an A* level. She describes Up Learn as eye-opening, life-changing, and essential 💎.

Life-changing. Eye-opening. Essential.

How would you describe your experience with Up Learn in three words?

Boosting my grades

“Right so my initial grades before up learn weren’t really good. I was at Ds in the beginning of the year and then at a C at my January mock. But once I have Up Learn a go, […] in a follow up exam I got 23 out of 25 which is a safe A* and now my UCAS prediction is an A for universities. I’m more than confident to say I will get an A* at the end of the year.”

Keeping me focused

“I think the interactive side of Up Learn is what makes all the difference. […] I feel like Up Learn became some type of educational equivalent to Netflix. You just sit back and you watch videos which are really interactive and that keeps you focused so you don’t tend to zoom out and go wandering in your thoughts.”

Describing Up Learn in three words

Essential because how much I’m realising I wouldn’t have done well without up learn. Life-changing because you understand finally there is a thing that is not time consuming and allows you to plan your revision out without having to overspend or over-focus on one subject. […] With eye-opening, you just understand by your exam results later on that it’s just one thing that made all the difference.”

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