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Gordon Watson
Head of Economics
Two years ago, we trialled Up Learn with ten students, and their grades significantly improved, beyond what we were expecting.

Gordon Watson (Head of Economics)

How does Epsom College use Up Learn?

Students use Up Learn to consolidate what they’ve learned in class. Occasionally I use it for flipped learning – to encourage students to engage with Up Learn, partly, and when it makes sense to use the video lessons to introduce a particular section. We don’t use Up Learn at all during lessons. I pin up how much time students have been spending on Up Learn every week. The weekly reports give me a way of knowing how much work each student is doing.

Why does Epsom College use Up Learn?

Up Learn is good for some students who are overawed with the subject content, to help them feel more comfortable and master the basics, but also quite valuable in terms of the culture of the year group and cohort. 

We’ve been able to use Up Learn to support students who were drifting and low on confidence. Lots of encouragement was needed at the start, but then those students started coming into class knowing things that other students didn’t know, and then less encouragement was needed. 

It also exposes students who are coasting rather than actually working hard. There’s something on Up Learn for everybody – I tell the students that there’s more detail on Up Learn than they will go through in class. 

Once they’ve engaged with Up Learn, they like it. We’ve tried other e-learning tools but the students didn’t like them.

The impact Epsom College has seen:

Two years ago, we trialled Up Learn with ten students, and their grades significantly improved, beyond what we were expecting. 

The following year, we bought Up Learn licenses for the whole cohort of students, and we had very strong results – the strongest we’ve ever had. 

Packages to fit every budget

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