21st June 2021

The science of learning

Why is it that some students get A*s, and others only Cs and Ds?

Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with how smart people are… 🤔

To help explain, we’ve added new content to our courses: The Science of Learning.

What’s in The Science of Learning section?

We’ve created short videos that explore some of the most commonly used revision techniques that have been proven to be ineffective. If you’re using any of these techniques, you could be spending your time on better, more effective revision strategies.

That’s why we also cover five of the most powerful study secrets used by the most successful students.  These students consistently get the highest grades while spending less time studying.  The best part is, these strategies can be used by anyone.  In the end, we all have the same brains. Even if sometimes it doesn’t feel like it, the real reason some people seem smarter than others is usually down to how they’re spending their study time, not down to their brain.

Where can I find The Science of Learning?

The Science of Learning videos can be found in the ‘Fundamentals of Successful Learning’ section on your Course Overview page:

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Check them out to see if you’re falling into any of the common study traps, and see how Up Learn embeds the most effective study strategies into our courses, so you don’t have to worry about implementing them yourself!